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Please read our HIKER GUIDELINES before considering any hike or activity.

  • There can be any number of day hikes scheduled on weekends — and some during the week.
  • The hikes listed on this page are considered suitable for most prospective members.
  • However, before deciding to join us, please be sure to carefully read the hike description.
  • We recommend that guests new to hiking begin with a "C" level hike.

(A) Hike: Over 8 miles, flat terrain or 7+ miles, fast pace, steep climb or strenuous.
(B) Hike: Up to 8 miles, moderate pace, some climbing, not steep.
(C) Hike: Up to 5 miles, flat terrain, leisurely pace.

Hikes on this page are only a sample of the many activities currently scheduled and available to members through our Shorelines newsletter and our frequent e-mail updates.

For details about our other upcoming day hikes and joining NHOC, please e-mail:


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